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Mango Grove Chandigarh is strategically positioned as one of the top hotels near Chandigarh railway station, offering convenient accommodation options for travelers. Additionally, this hotel is situated near Chandigarh's industrial area, making it an excellent choice for those seeking hotels in the industrial area of Chandigarh. Its proximity to both Chandigarh railway station and the industrial area ensures easy access for business travelers while also providing comfortable stays for those exploring the city. Whether you're arriving by train, need access to the industrial hub, or simply want hotels near Chandigarh, Mango Grove Chandigarh offers a well-located and welcoming option. Enjoy the convenience of staying in a hotel near Chandigarh railway station and the industrial area while experiencing the warm hospitality of Mango Grove Chandigarh. When it comes to hotels in Chandigarh's industrial area or hotels near Chandigarh railway station, Mango Grove Chandigarh stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking comfort and accessibility.

Address: Plot No. 15, Industrial Area Phase I
Chandigarh - 160002 | Map.

Email: reservations@mangogrovehotel.com
Phone: +91 98 1500 9635


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